JewelBeautyful Loc Jewelry

JewelBeautyful Loc Jewelry makes it easy to add color and style to your locs, braids, and twists.

  • Add color and interest without chemicals
  • Great accessory for children’s hair styles
  • Variety of handmade designs
  • Each item is unique
  • Custom designs available
  • Install yourself of schedule an Loc Jewelry installation appointment

Looking for something unique?

I started making hair charms for my clients and their special occasions.  I also created the wraps because I wanted to add color to my daughters’ locs without adding chemicals.  JewelBeautyful Loc Jewelry can easily be applied to locs, braids, and twists.  We also make custom designs for your special occasion.   

It’s easy to get started with a custom design.

1. Schedule a consultation

2. Together we will discuss colors and styles.

3. Your jewelry will be available in a week.

Schedule a Loc Jewelry installation appointment

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