Jewel OGO - Organic Growth Oil

Achieve softer, longer, thicker hair with Jewel OGO

Organic growth oil for moisture, shine, and hold

Jewel OGO makes it easier for your hair to grow

  • Softens and Stretches your hair 
  • Protects your delicate ends 
  • Adds definition to your curls and textured styles
  • Adds shine and thickens your hair
  • Detangles your hair and increases manageability
  • Calms your scalp and reduces inflammation*

*Note: the oil does contains castor oil and avocado

Jewel OGO features a special blend of organic essential oils and nutrients that strengthen your hair.

  • All natural organic oils 
  • No mineral oils or parabens
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No synthetic lab created ingredients
  • No nut oils
  • Safe for sensitive skin and scalp 
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